Here are a few of the many letters
we get from parents...

kids get focused

We teach Kids "The Warriors Code" and acknowledge them, for living it
at home and at school.

Dear Sifu,

As you know Jack was shy and needing confidence when we signed him up.

Since the martial arts training at school and practicing "The Warrior's Code", Jack has demonstrated Courage by walking to school by himself, something he wouldn't  do before. And also by starting baseball. You can see his new found confidence and courage when he steps up to the plate.

He's been demonstrating focus by hitting the ball to the outfield! He also demonstrated Focus by completing a 5 mile hike with us by focusing on the end result.

He has been  very Helpful when Mom asked him to clean the playroom. Jack cleaned everything off the floor Toys games etc and placed them in baskets and the room really  sparkled thanks to Jack.

He has been listening really well when we ask him to do things, he has been cooperating more getting dressed before school and brushing his teeth.

So thank you, Jack is a happy warrior, he sings a lot in the morning, smiles and laughs a lot. There must be something to this Warriors code.

Karen Messler


Play the Warriors code game at home.

A Warrior has Courage

A Warrior has Respect

A Warrior has Focus

A Warrior is Kind

A Warrior Cooperates

A Warrior is Helpful

A Warrior Listens

A Warrior stays happy


Martial arts might be the key to a fantastic life for your child.

Dear Sifu,

Ricky has  improved very much in the area of focus. He focused intensely on getting all his homework done on time and realized that when he does this he has time for a few video games. This is really working for us.

Also he has been more respectful of us (his parents) since taking the class. He listens to us and if he doesn't agree he states his disagreements in a respectful way and we talk. Our communication is vastly improved due to this new respect. This is truly amazing and we are grateful for the breakthroughs that he has had since practicing the warriors code.

Ricky has also been a lot happier since practicing the code, and he's even singing a little bit here and there. He has been very cooperative in getting to bed on time and taking his showers in the morning.

So thank you very much for this excellent program you have developed for kids.

Betty May


Dear Sifu,

Our three wonderful kids have all had some breakthroughs since taking the class and  learning the warriors code.

Bridger has been extremely helpful and positive  and he has  been having breakthroughs in pleasant responses to people. He took care of (his brother) Hayden when he was bullied on the playground. And he asked Hayden to join him in play.

Hayden has been reciprocally nice to his brother and it's great to see them getting along so well.

Hayden has become a bit of a compassionate caretaker, helping out at home. He is kinder now, he rubbed Moms back when she was frustrated. And he's focused, he always follows through no matter how yucky the task (cleaning vacuuming etc.)

Briez has been very helpful also, setting the table and putting away the laundry without being asked. Also helping Mom prepare for the Easter trip. Thanks so much for the class and this practical and useful "Warriors Code" game.

Patty Cole

Dear Sifu,

Tommy has been a very helpful and kind boy this week and he has been keeping his things picked up.

Kay Bohan


Wu-Li School of Martial Arts Evergreen Colorado