Its a game for parents and kids to play together.
A Warrior has Courage

A Warrior has Respect

A Warrior has Focus

A Warrior is Kind

A Warrior Cooperates

A Warrior is Helpful

A Warrior Listens

A Warrior stays happy


Moms and Dads decide the prizes.

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How to play...

Kids get to pick one item per week and learn about it and then demonstrate it. Look up the word in the dictionary if you want and see all the ways that each word reveals itself in daily life.

Parents and guardians submit stories each week via e-mail to tell me what happened. Please submit a letter or story on only one area each week. One area can be worked on for several weeks if you want.

Please don't send all the stories of all eight items all at once, lets create a pace with this game where we check in each week.

We will review the stories in class each week to acknowledge our student warriors and use it as a teaching aid. Mom and Dad can work with Sifu on the perfect award for a job well done when the eight virtues are learned and demonstrated well.

Examples from the last Game.



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